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04 декабря 2018, 21:01

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Lights Review: Intelligent lights to make your home smart

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Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Lights Review: Intelligent lights to make your home smart

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Xiaomi as a smartphone brand needs no introduction in the Indian market. The company's budget and mid-range smartphones are easily the most popular and well-received mobile devices in the price conscious market. After strengthening its position as a top smartphone maker in the affordable price segment, the company is now expanding its reach to other important and growing segments like Air-purifiers, Smart TVs, Smart Lights, etc.

Rating: 4.0 /5

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Lights Review

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Wi-Fi Enabled | Aurora Light strip can be controlled via Amazon Alexa and Google Home | Gives your home a smart makeover CONS

Much costlier than standard lights | Yeelight Candela lamp does not support Amazon Alexa and Google Home


Yeelight Aurora light Strip Plus: Rs. 3,599

Yeelight Candela Ambience Lamp: Rs. 4,490

Yeelight, a Xiaomi-backed Chinese company recently debuted in India with a range of smart lighting products such as smart bulb, smart lamps and LED strips. As the company works actively with Amazon, Google and Microsoft team to bring the best lighting experience for the users, we wanted to test the Yeelight's products to understand what the brand has to offer to Indian users. The team shared the recently launched Yeelight Aurora lightstrip Plus and Candela Smart LED lamp with us. Both the products are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via an app. If you were planning to invest in smart lighting for your home or office, read out our review first.

Source: https://www.gizbot.com/home-entertainment/reviews/xiaomi-yeelight-smart-lights-review-intelligent-lights-make-your-home-smart-055869.html